Hellcat PRiiMe

Biko L. Manus was born in Hackettstown Memorial on April 4 1992. Biko spent the first decade plus growing up in Harlem, New York & Bethlehem, South Africa. He later moved to Jefferson, New Jersey in 2005. This is where he grew to become known by his professional name, PRiiMe. As a jack of all trades, PRiiMe is a recording artist, song writer, producer, director, artist manager and product designer. Along with an extensive track list to choose from, he has been featured on Hot97 and Power 105 radio stations. PRiiMe also has performed at multiple large venues from the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey to the Electric Factory in Brooklyn, New York City; in which he opened for Llyod Banks of G-Unit. In early 2012 PRiiMe started a project formally known as TUBLife Entertainment LLC with former personal manager Ty Fialo, which has grown into a close knit family and as a movement. With his highly anticipated single “Like Ok” featuring multi-platinum New Jersey recording artist “Fetty Wap” released August 1st of 2015 has been circulating amongst well known DJs and Radio personalities alike. However, work is never done for PRiiMe and an album is near completion, along with multiple EPs. This year also holds hit releases from PRiiMe with features from such artists as Justina Valentine, Chad B and the TUBLife Entertainment family. As the summer of 2016 arrived, Will Laron Green of “Foundation Digital Films” began a summer long documentary on the life of PRiiMe. From his Ownership and head engineer/ producer position at his personal professional recording studio, TUBLife Studios,  Owner of TUBLife Visuals, photography and videography, and Owner and operator of his own clothing line, TUBLife Clothing, all the way up to his four stop, major city tour with co-signer Parrish Smith of EPMD on EPMD’s 30th Anniversary tour. Yet this is only in one year, simply a foreshadowing of what is to come. Staying on point with some of the most unique, street and industry worthy music to come out of Jersey.


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